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Alhamdulillah, the Masjid is open for congregational prayers with Covid-19 guidelines in place from Wednesday 2nd December

We are looking for volunteers to help us maintain the Covid-19 guidelines for the 5 daily prayers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email us at your name and phone number and we will be in touch. Jazakallah Khair
Please observe the following Covid-19 guidelines for your safety and the safety of others:

⏱️ The Masjid will be open 10 minutes before and will be locked 10 minutes after the Fardh prayer – this will be a strict process. Please read sunnah and nawafil at home.

😷 Anyone attending the Mosque for prayers will need to wear a mask, you will need to bring your own prayer mat and a bag for your shoes.

🧴 Upon arrival and at exit, attendees will be asked to apply hand sanitiser which must be used

💧 Wudhu areas and toilet facilities will remain closed, so attendees will need to come prepared from home

🦽 There will be no facilities available for older or disabled people – there will be no chairs available for those who cannot pray independently

🚸 Elderly brothers (over 65 years old) and young children should not come for congregational prayer, in order to protect yourself and others in the congregation

🤧 Anyone who has signs of flu, a cold, or any other medical condition please do not enter the Mosque because you could infect other people

2⃣ Please maintain the current social distancing rules. Signs will be provided to help.

📚 There will be no Madressah, events, classes, lectures or Taleem until further notice.

👥 Please regularly check our website ( for the latest guidelines. The guidelines for Jumuah prayers will be made available on our website too, which may include a limit to the number of people allowed in the Masjid at any one time.

Lillah donations

We are now collecting�Lillah donations via bank transfer. To make a donation or set-up a standing order, please use the following bank account
More info:

Nikah (Islamic Marriage) Ceremonies

Nikah ceremonies can now be arranged with the Academy. For more information please speak to one of the Imaams at the Masjid

Monthly Salaah Timetable

Check the monthly salaah times for the South London area online! Please refer to your local masjid timetable for the correct times for your area.

Salaah times for

Madressa Information

Madressa holidays, timings and important announcements will be available on this website soon insha'Allah. Please re-visit this site shortly.

Extract from Fadha'il-e-A'maal