Norbury Islamic Academy - Madressa




1)      The age of enrolment is 6 years

2)      Madressa class times will be from 5pm to 7pm Monday-Friday

3)      Admission will strictly be governed in accordance with places available; otherwise the child will be put on the waiting list.

4)      Students must be dressed in proper Islamic attire.

5)      Students must be punctual, and parents/guardian to ensure that they pick up student promptly after madressa.

6)      Any damage caused by the student will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

7)      All madressa fees to be paid promptly

8)      Any medical condition to be notified to the principal in confidence.

9)      The syllabus is based on the principles and school of thought of Imam Abu Hanifa R.A.

10)   Please ensure that all hair cuts are accordance to shariah

2.         ATTENDANCE

1)      It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the student attends madressa daily.

2)      A note must be provided for any absence.

3)      The principal will be at liberty to decide whether or not a student can progress into the next class if there has been a prolonged absence.

3.         DISCIPLINE

1)      If the student misbehaves, then he/she will be given a warning by the teacher.

2)      If the misbehaviour persists, the student will be sent to the Principal who will talk to him/her and enter the student’s name on a list.

3)      If the misbehaviour still persists then the principal will contact the Parent/Guardian to discuss the situation.

4)      At the very last resort, the principal will have to contemplate suspension or expulsion.

4.         HOMEWORK & SABAK

1)      The Parent/Guardian shall ensure that the student brings their Qu’ran/Kitaab to madressa daily.

2)      The Parent/Guardian should ensure that the student learns their sabak at home.

5.         MADRESSA FEES

1)      A nominal fee of £35.00 per calendar month will be chargeable to be paid monthly.

2)      There will be no refunds for non-attendance.

3)      If the child is absent during mosque times, fees will still be applicable.

4)      Registration fees are at £20.00


1)      In the event that the Parent/Guardians have any issues to discuss in regards to madressa or have any complaint then they should approach the principal who will either see them after madressa or some other time by arrangement. Under no circumstances should the Parent/Guardian expect to discuss these matters at madressa times.